ESTRELLADOS – a piece about stars and food

One of the fabulous things about learning a language is getting to understand the culture of its speakers… and what a better way than talking about FOOD!

ESTRELLA (“star” in English), has taken a whole new meaning for us at Peak Me this year. Our latest addition to the great team who make possible that our students learn a lot of Spanish, as well as enjoy a superb holiday experience, is Estrella. She brings a broad experience of teaching Spanish in different continents and settings, from universities to small schools, from Oman, to Bangladesh!

But this is not the only reason why we’re writing this post. Read on! 

ESTRELLAR has quite a few meanings, two of them quite far apart from each other. It can mean “to fill with stars”, like the sky in a clear summer’s night (very romantic, isn’t it?)… or “crash” like a mosquito against a windscreen (maybe in a clear summer’s night, if you want to keep a less violent image in your brain!). We don’t use the term to refer to a restaurant awarded with highest accolade, a Michelin Star, but we think we should!

How did we get here? Oh yes. Spain is a country obsessed about food. In quite a healthy way, but obsessed all the same. Wouldn’t you say that about a people who has a verb for eating each meal of the day? Desayunar, almorzar, comer, cenar… Even an afternoon snack has its its own dedicated verb: ¡merendar

Peak Me is in a rural and quite wild part of north Spain, but blessed with some luxuries (yes, apart from the landscapes, mountains, wildlife, coast and beautiful beaches). One of the best is to be at a 20-minute drive from the great ANNUA, a two-Michelin Star restaurant. It is not only a fabulous dining experience, but it is in the most stunning setting. Have a look at their set menu (you don’t even have to make the effort to choose) and if you have a some cash to spare, don’t hesitate to book yourself in. If your pocket is not that deep, you can still enjoy the highest standard of food and service at their Bistro – Nácar – where you’ll still get to delight in the most beautiful views. And if you can’t afford either, pop round for a glass of wine or a cocktail. Or some oysters! Grown just underneath the restaurant, they taste even better if eaten looking at the Cantabrian blue sea and San Vicente de la Barquera’s long sandy beach…


Thank you to Annua from providing us with some nice pictures and hopefully for some perfect meals to come in the future – for us and our students!

Thank also you to Rob Macfarlane for his inspiring tweets about beautiful English words.

 Note: This is not a sponsored post, we wrote it just because we think it’s a fab plan for when you’re holiday in the area!

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