A language school... with a twist

Asturias, Spain

Do you like...

...languages, walking and great experiences? You’ll have a fantastic holiday with us. Our school is a little different. It’s in a small village, round the corner from a national park and only 10 minutes from the coast.

Our promise

Your Spanish will improve, you’ll enjoy some of the best walking in the country and get to know a little more about the culture, the history and the culinary jewels of North Spain.

And that's all

All you have to do is get here, we’ll take care of the rest!



Courses focusing on practical Spanish for adult learners



All levels of walking are available and we can also arrange a wide range of outdoor activities


Real Spain

In the Picos de Europa, this is not Spain as you know it!

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Great Holiday

Get your walking gear ready and switch your brain on, we are waiting for you


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