Panes (The Village)

P anes is a town at the gateway to the Picos De Europa National Park, situated next to the river Cares in the base of a 600m valley. The town has a population of about 1000, which is small enough to feel cosy and large enough for a few excellent restaurants and bars. Spanish is the only language spoken in the town, making it perfect for learners… you’ll have to use your Español!!

Enjoy village life, with all the amenities: doctor, pharmacy, bank, bakery, gifts, fishmongers and butchers
Great choice of traditional restaurants and bars
10 minutes to the beach, 5 minutes to Picos de Europa National Park
Nature on your doorstep: beautiful pleasant walk by the river, spot otters, kingfishers, herons, salmon…
See the best places to go in Panes with a plan including Peak Me Languages School

And beyond

We want to show you another side of Spain: rustic, mountainous, with abundant wildlife… and yes, sometimes, the occasional refreshing shower! The North of Spain, relatively untouched from foreign tourism, is a green coast stretching from the Pyrenees in the East to the fishing towns of Galicia in the West. The main cities are the industrial Bilbao, in the Basque Country, Santander, Oviedo and the famous Santiago de Compostela on the far western coast (this being the end of the famous Camino de Santiago Pilgrims’ route). The Picos de Europa form a mountain range rising straight up from the Atlantic beaches. The limestone mountains are a maze of 300m deep canyons, awe-inspiring peaks, caves and crystal clear water running in the rivers at the base. Within the Picos de Europa National Park are wolves, bears, vultures and eagles, to name a few (although the wolves and bears are unlikely to be spotted, which may be a good thing!). There are also plenty of quiet villages and small towns full of history. The National Park is a real treat and is the main reason we opened our school in Panes, as well as our family links with the area.

For more information, have a look at the National Park's website: Picos de Europa National Park. You can also check out the Council’s website, which has more info on the area and things to do, including some walks from Panes and villages in the County.

Getting to Panes

All the information you need to get to Panes (and probably a bit more) is in FAQ 8.

What to do in Panes

​You will have free time outside the classes and extra course activities (be it yoga, walking or adventure sports). If you are interested in doing a little exploring, the region has loads to offer, from white sandy beaches and stunning mountain landscapes, to quaint coastal towns or remote isolated villages.

Looking for Ideas? There's plenty to do in Panes and around!