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Ruta de las Ermitas - Santo Toribio de Liébana

Santo Toribio de Liebana Way – There’s a solution for all that sinning: Do the Santo Toribio de Liebana Way this Año Lebaniego!

This year is an “Año Lebaniego” which means a pilgrimage to Santo Toribio de Liébana will afford you forgiveness of your (previous) sins. Therefore, doing the Camino de Santiago this year really pays off… Now, you’ll have to keep on reading, won’t you?

The celebration of the Año Lebaniego has become less of a religious event for many and a great opportunity to celebrate the cultural heritage of our region. We’d like to mark the occasion by doing some of the walks of our popular Camino de Santiago Taster Course on the Camino Lebaniego Pilgrimage route this year. So if you study with us this season, you’ll get a flavour of the culture and landscape that has been walked since the Middle Ages to get to Santo Toribio de Liebana.

Here are a few interesting bits of information about the Año Lebaniego! Did you know…

  • … that its main feature, the Monastery of Santo Toribio of Liebana, is together with Jerusalem, Rome and Santiago de Compostela one of only four locations of Christianity where the Jubilee can be obtained by pilgrimage?
  • … unlike the other Jubilees, which happen at fixed intervals, the Lebaniego Jubilee is only held when the celebration for Saint Toribio (16th April) falls on Sunday? In case you were wondering, this year is the 73rd time this happens!
  • … that Santo Toribio de Liebana holds within the Lignum Crucis, the greatest fragment of the Cross?
  • Jean Michel Jarre is coming to celebrate the occasion with a concert on 29th April?
  • … that hardly any English is spoken in this area of Spain, which makes it a great place to learn and practice Spanish?
  • learning Spanish at Peak Me before you do El Camino will make your experience a lot more full and enjoyable?

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