Be selfish… (just for beginners)

At first, at least. We all have experienced the speaker’s block (less glamorous but much worse than the writer’s block). We try to express everything in a foreign language, and we normally end up blocked and frustrated. Why shouldn’t we try, if we can do it so easily in our native language? Why is this Spanish waiter speaking so fast? Why do Spaniards speak so fast? Why is their language so twisted? Why does the subjunctive exist? Well, if it´s any consolation, these are questions that we, Spaniards, ask ourselves when learning a foreign language. So here´s our first tip. Be selfish and bring things to your own ground. Speaking Spanish in the first person is relatively simple, so, if you are a beginner, feel free to use your ego.

Estudio francés, soy de Bilbao, vivo en Panes, practico yoga, camino en la montaña, soy profesora, trabajo en una escuela….
This is already a lot of information in perfect Spanish, isn’ t it?

Stay simple

We might not be particularly keen on minimalism, but, at this level, don´t get baroque. The shortest, the better.

We need verbs (we really need them)

Let face it, Spanish verbs are not a piece of cake. Loads of tenses and form… How to handle such a mess? Prioratising. First, use only the present, and then you´ll be ready to move to the past and the future. Strange as it may seem, Spanish verbs are amazing and you´ll end up loving them. You might be tempted not to use verbs, but a verbal life is a better life. If you only knew how happy you make your teacher every time you use one…

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